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Montana Wafterfowl Hunting

Blast & Cast Outfitters would like to show off one of Southwest Montana’s best kept secrets, waterfowl hunting in the Madison Valley!  With miles of spring creeks, canals, potholes, ponds and fields, we have everything that we need to be able to find very 'decoy-able'  birds and have an unforgettable Montana duck hunting adventure with experienced Montana duck hunting guides.

Shooting a wide variety of waterfowl including big mallards, Canada geese, snow geese, teal, widgeon, pintails, gadwall, goldeneyes, and many others mixed in!


Montana Duck Hunting

Typical Dates & Pricing

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Additonal Waterfowl Hunting Information

Montana Waterfowl HuntsMontana Duck Duck HuntingMontana Waterfowl Hunts

Blast and Cast Outfitters would like to show off one of Southwest Montana’s best kept secrets, waterfowl hunting in the Madison Valley!  With miles of spring creeks, canals, potholes and ponds, we usually shoot them in close over decoys. 

Most of these properties are conveniently located within minutes of Ennis Montana.  We shoot a wide variety of fowl, but the dominant species are big mallards and Canada geese with snow geese, teal, widgeon, pintails, gadwall, and many others mixed in. We are highly experienced Montana duck hunting guides.

The seasons are long, running from late September to mid January, and we frequently have a limit of cleaned birds by kick off on weekends.  Another option for the fisherman/waterfowler is the 'Madison River Blast and Cast', hunting the morning and pursuing trout on the fabled trout rich waters of the Madison! 

This a great way to spend an October day in the field, but once mid November hits the cold weather can turn away even  the heartiest of fishermen. We have wonderfully seasoned and professional dogs from two local kennels.  Our dogs do get a lot of work so don’t hesitate if you would like to hunt over your own dog.  I can always leave them home for a day or two. 

Group parties are encouraged! With plenty of choices on where to hunt, my blinds get enough rest to send several groups out.  This will also keep birds moving between blinds and provide even more action.  The number of guests per guide depends on the spot we hunt and the size and preference of the group.  These are personal & customized hunts. Hope to see you in the blind!

Montana Upland Bird Hunting

Blast and Cast Outfitters also hunts the beautiful Hungarian Partridge and occasionally we even bump into a few Pheasants. The partridge are an awesome little bird. A large covey of 15 birds is not uncommon, but neither are false points which only tell us where the birds used to be. This wing shooting trip can also be transformed into a day of Blast and Cast recreating opportunities on the Madison River, one of fly fishing’s most famous rivers. 

The Upland Bird season starts with grouse and partridge in early September and adds pheasants in October. The season usually runs into mid-December. If you wish to hunt over your dog I have no problem leaving my dog (my short hair Rowdy) home for a day off. Comfortable upland hunting boots are a must; chasing partridge for miles with sore feet is no fun at all.

The hunting terrain offers a number of opportunities. These partridge are totally wild birds used to only the rules of nature, sometimes they hold tight and sometimes their jumpy like a cat on a hot tin roof! One thing is certain, if you want to experience wild partridge shooting, we’ll get the adrenaline pumping. 

COMING SOON... Blast and Cast will be offering pheasant and chukar hunting.  Stay tuned for more information. 

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